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Dust-Less** Sand and Refinishing

Hardwood flooring adds a more elegant and natural charm to any room in home. Hardwood is visually warmer and radiates an aura of class within your home. From traditional types of hardwood, such as natural oak  to more contemporary exotic hardwoods such as Brazillian Cherry. We also offer custom staining of natural unfinished hardwood flooring. Giving you the freedom to customize your flooring to your decor 

No sanding job is 100% dust-free however we utilize methods to capture up to 99% of the dust minimizing the clean up as compared to older traditional methods of floor sanding.


Dust Less* Sand and Refinishing is a great way to bring your old hardwood floors back to life. By having your old hardwod sanded and refinish your adding a new shine to your floors as well as it give you the oppurtunity to transform your living space with having to damage or cover up your hardwood,

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